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Badfic Review for One Piece. Snarky Fun for all.
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Welcome to Cipher Poll 10

This community will endeavor to be to the One Piece fandom what The FanFiction Anbu is to The Naruto Fandom. I'd like to continue where "Fics From the Deep" left off.

I'm aware that there is already a "FanFiction Marines" community; I'm not really trying to steal their thunder, but I wanted something more along the lines of the Anbu...

The One Piece fandom, like so many others is awash with Badfic. This is a place for One Piece fans who find very Bad fic to post their reviews.

Please include in your post:
1. The name of the fic, the author, and a link to the fic.
2. An explanation of just what makes this fic so bad. You are entitled to whatever opinion you have, of course, but it must be supported

Please be civil, and try to avoid personal attacks on the author, and flame wars.

Please reserve your posting here to posting reviews.

Enjoy, and remember the object is to have fun, not be mean-spirited.