October 20th, 2005


Luffy: Eien no Uke

I have returned, a miraculous twenty or so days after the last review. I am determined to make time for this community now. ^_^

Beware, for it looks like the women of the OP-Verse have fallen victim to a sick fanboy's Imperius Curse.

Crime:The Luck of Luffy
Perpetrator: dingchavez1984
Summary:How lucky can one boy be? Luffy seems to be testing that theory out. Luffy Nami Nojiko Vivi Alvida
Warnings:Characters are OOC far beyond redemption; dialogue which was no doubt written by actual voles, the fact that Luffy is paired with only women in this fic and he still manages to be the Uke, and did I mention OOC-ness?

I went looking for some Vivi/Kohza fic, and while I didn't find anything other than *that* Vivi/Kohza fic (you know the one I'm talking about); I did find this travesty, and I've properly sporked it and served it up for your enjoyment.

U da maaan, Luff-meister!Collapse )
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