Luffy: Eien no Uke

I have returned, a miraculous twenty or so days after the last review. I am determined to make time for this community now. ^_^

Beware, for it looks like the women of the OP-Verse have fallen victim to a sick fanboy's Imperius Curse.

Crime:The Luck of Luffy
Perpetrator: dingchavez1984
Summary:How lucky can one boy be? Luffy seems to be testing that theory out. Luffy Nami Nojiko Vivi Alvida
Warnings:Characters are OOC far beyond redemption; dialogue which was no doubt written by actual voles, the fact that Luffy is paired with only women in this fic and he still manages to be the Uke, and did I mention OOC-ness?

I went looking for some Vivi/Kohza fic, and while I didn't find anything other than *that* Vivi/Kohza fic (you know the one I'm talking about); I did find this travesty, and I've properly sporked it and served it up for your enjoyment.

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Nami's Got herself knocked up again. Oy.

Hullo hullo hullo... ^_^ Sorry for such a long absence... It's been longer than forever, as we here at Enias Lobby have been very busy, but CP10 Intel has recently returned with a dangerous criminal in tow.

Look out everyone, I see a SueNami on the horizon.

Crime:Dreamless (More like Senseless)
Perpetrator: Omnichild
Summary:Things between Zoro and Nami go too far. Now they must pay the consequences
Warnings: This fic has many things I just love to hate in fanfic. Character bashing, Pregnancy, and thinly veiled socio-political propaganda about pregnancy.

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Ok, Sorry about the wait. It truly has been forever since my last review... I have so much stuff to do... I had actually started writing a review of another Fic before this one, but Had to switch... I plan to go back to the other one if the author updates, but then again, maybe it's better for the world that she doesn't...

And so, without further ado, I bring you...

Crime: The Melody of the Seas


Warnings: A Sue (of course it is), With a [Hugely] tragic (and mysterious) past,

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Well what the hell, I shall contribute. XD

One Piece is a wonderful series for many reasons, one of those being the vast amount of great characters. Because of this, I ask, why all of the Sues? Well, I know why. Sure, it would be cool to hang out in the OP universe that we've come to know and love. The only way to do this is to write ourselves into it. There's nothing inherently wrong with this when doing it for your own entertainment, but that's what it is. It's for your personal entertainment, the rest of us just don't need to see it.

So yeah, it's another Sue. The first two reviews in this community have been Sues, I wasn't going to review this at first because of that, but it was just so horrifyingly OOC that, being the masochist that I am, I had to keep reading. And instead of demanding 20 minutes of my life back, I'm going to spend even more time on it by writing a review. =)

Title: A Wish Through the Seas
Author: animegurl1147
Warnings: Super Awesome Sue (you know the drill), much OOCness, fun for all!

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Ok, guys... Sorry it has been forever and a day since my last review...[I started this a while back, but I didn't get time to finish...]I was busy getting home from Japan, getting my car fixed, and now moving back up to my dorm...I'll take some time to update now. (This was guest-snarked as well, by my good friend kesenai_kaitou , because we had time to kill on the airplane. Her comments are in red...er...purple; I can't add them all, because a lot of them are based directly off of text that I really don't want to quote...)

On the menu today,

Arlong/Nami Fluffy Fic!

j/k, j/k... That's just what I thought when I saw the title, but believe me, this is probably just as bad.

Crime: I'm in love with a Merman!

Perpetrator: Chibi-Ash/Chibi-Kura

Summary: Zoro finds himself falling for the younger brother of a crew member. Chapter 6 up(finally). R&R please!

Warnings: Mary Sue and Marty Sue, and they're siblings. Bad characterization, Bad grammar, Bad Dialogue; Good Lord, just bad everything.

Sabo-chan, lush that she is, started out this fic on some nice refreshing Sake. It soon became apparent, however, that she would need something a little stronger. Like tequila; Or, perhaps, whatever it is that the author was smoking.
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Driving Me to Drink....

My debut Badfic Debunking... I wanted to find some badfic, so I headed down to the Pit o' Voles... It took me a bit longer than I thought to find what I was looking for.

This actually didn't look to bad at first glance, even though it was obvioulsy a Sue. But that was just because I hadn't read it yet.

Witness the horror---

Crime:. Between Champagne and Rum


Summary:Isle De Luna, Moon Island. Where the Rich come to relax and the poor come to beg. it is here that Roronoa Zoro discovers that love knows no boundries and that love at frist sight is real. ( a bit of ooc-Zoro; ZoroXnewcharatcer)(( COMPLETED!))

Warnings: A Sue with a tragic past, a hair fixation, and three children falls in love with Zoro. OOC-ness, Odd POV

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